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Unique Bag

Wedding favors provide you with an opportunity to provide guests with a memorable keepsake of your wedding. Unique wedding favors can be personalized in your wedding color or the wedding color of your client if you are a wedding planner. Organza bags can be used to store items in order to create unique wedding favors.

Place Jordan almonds in an organza gift bag for a simple and elegant wedding favor. You can place a variety of food items in an organza gift bag, such as cookies, pretzels, chocolate candies, mints, chocolate foiled coins, truffles or mixed nuts. Organza bags can also be used to place other items, such as small candles, spice packets, tea packets or single sized perfume packets. A heart organza bag works perfectly with heart wedding favors, such as small candies with romantic sayings on them. Heart wedding favors can also be constructed with the use of a heart shaped bag and rose petals.

Shop our selection of organza bags for any number of events including weddings, sweet sixteen parties and quinceaneras.