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Organza and Chiffon Fabric Bolts

Glistening Organza
Watch the fabric erupt into dazzling shines once you let light shine through
Embroidered Fabric Bolts
Indoors or Outdoors, these bolts will add personality and uniqueness to your event.
Groovy Dots Organza
Fun, Inspiring and Uplifting
Princess Glitter Dots Organza Fabric
Princesses are spotted miles away thanks to their glitters!
Muchos Besos Embroider
Some fabrics just love to give hugs and kisses
Shimmering Organza Tulle
Give your Tulle the "Bling Bling" Sparkle
Tasteful Crinkle Chiffon Shiny Fabric
All good materials deserves to shine
Chiffon Fabrics
No better way to make a dazzling impression on others than with this soft and transparent fabric.
Organza Wrap
58" x 10yard Organza wraps
54"x40yds Organza Fabric
Large bolts of organza fabric for decoration or dress making needs.
Flower Shower Nylon Organza Bolts
Get Showered with Flowers, Get Showered with LOVE
Sparkles & Stripes Organza Tulle
BIG FAN of state-of-the-art designs?
Heartwarming Snowflake Organza Bolt
Know anyone out in the cold?