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Embroidered Fabric Bolts

Embroidered fabric is a beautiful piece of fabric that boasts an attractive design that appears expensive. Although embroidered fabric is available at an affordable price point, it gives off the air of elegance and sophistication that is associated with a more luxurious price tag. Embroidered organza fabric can be used in a myriad of ways to provide a stunning look for your Sweet Sixteen, quinceanera, baby shower, wedding or other special event.

Spread embroidered organza on a wall to create a beautiful backdrop for photos. Bright colors are available, including yellow, gold, blue, green, red and purple. You can also use more subdued colors for your embroidered organza fabric, such as white, gray, brown or black. You can also spread embroidered organza on the guest tables for a luxe look. You may want to make some tables extra special with it, such as by using it to only cover the gift and the cake table. You can also add it exclusively to the table for the guest or guests of honor to create a dramatic focal point in the space.

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